Selected Style: BLUE
Product #: O6BRONZE.BL.A


Opro Bronze series is a standard level mouthguard in the OPRO Self-Fit range. It harnesses an inter-jaw absorption thanks to its signle layer construction. Your Bronze Mouthguard has 11 anatomical fins made from gel that have been placed in positions to mould to your teeth snuggly. When the mouth guard in dropped into hot water the fins soften so that when you compress them against your teeth and gums. This creates a mouth guard unique to you. The three flex grooves help adapt to the mouth shape during the moulding process to help insure the best possible fit. Like the  Gold and Silver series Mouthguard the Bronze series comes with holes at the front but not on either side. This ensures that you have a minimum amount of ultra-impact resistant material, which provides air cushions for added protection against blows or shots to the teeth and gums. This is key to protecting your teeth.

Bronze series is availabe in Adult, Junior and Braces